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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS APPROVE ONE WAY TOLLS Customers may have questions about what their toll will be after November 1st

Fort Myers, FL (June 14, 2007) – On June 12, 2007, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners approved a one year trial period for implementing One Way Tolls on the Cape Coral and Midpoint Memorial Bridges starting November 1, 2007. Currently, a $1.00 toll is collected in both the east and westbound directions. Starting November 1st, Lee County will stop collecting tolls in the eastbound direction, and will collect a $2.00 toll in only the westbound direction (heading into Cape Coral). Some customers may have questions about what their toll would be if they had a discount program, during variable pricing, or if paying by cash. Attached is a graphic comparing what customers pay now to what they will pay after November 1, 2007, when OneWay Tolls is implemented. The primary reason for Lee County doing this is to reduce the operating expenses, an estimated annual savings of $1,000,000 by going to a one way toll collection. Based on projections, the revenue collected will also decrease by approximately $250,000 per year. This gives Lee County a net savings of $750,000.or more information or to enroll in LeeWay, visit or call the LeeWay Service Center at 239-533-9297. LeeWay© 2001 LeeWay Service Center 1366 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida 33907 Fax: (239) 278-7854 Phone: (239) 533-9297