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LEEWAY ANNOUNCES TRANSPONDERS LAST LONGER THAN EXPECTED --Customers with old transponders may want to replace them

Fort Myers, FL (May 16, 2007) – Do you have an old style transponder without a replaceable battery? Do you realize how old it is?  The original life span on the non-replaceable battery transponder was estimated at 6 to 8 years. Many transponders issued in 1997 when the LeeWay program began are actually 10 years old, so we have, on average, reached and actually exceeded expectations! However, because these transponders have lasted longer than expected, we are seeing a new issue arise.  Since LeeWay customers received the original transponders the method of reading them has changed. Because of the age of the transponder and the change in the technology, while the older transponders will currently work on the LeeWay system in Lee County, compatibility with the state’s system is not reliable. Due to changes made by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (SunPass) and other Florida toll agencies (E-Pass & O-Pass), old non-replaceable battery transponders may no longer function properly outside of Lee County. To be sure you are not inconvenienced by receiving a citation in the mail, we recommend that you do one of two things: Come to the Leeway Service Center and purchase a new transponder, the cost is $25 plus tax. Use only the cash lanes when utilizing any of the other toll roads in the state of Florida. By mid 2008, Lee County will need to upgrade the LeeWay system to maintain compatibility with the SunPass System. At that time, the old transponders will become obsolete in Lee County as well. Replacement will be necessary if customers wish to continue to use the LeeWay system to pay tolls electronically LeeWay© 2001 LeeWay Service Center 1366 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida 33907 Fax: (239) 278-7854 Phone: (239) 533-9297