Contact: Susan Hopwood, LeeWay Service Center Manager

ELECTRONIC TOLL SYSTEM USERS FROM AROUND STATE NOW CAN USE LEEWAY - Second Phase of "Interoperability" Program Begins Oct. 14

FORT MYERS, Fla. (October 8, 2004) - Starting Thursday, Oct. 14, Lee County Toll Facilities will start a "soft test" allowing Sunpass, Epass and Opass customers to have their tolls deducted electronically at Lee County Toll Facilities. This is the second phase of an "interoperability" program to allow LeeWay customers to use their transponders to pass through other state toll systems; and customers of other state toll systems to use their transponders to pass through Lee County toll facilities. June 1 of this year, Leeway users became compatible to use Sunpass and Epass. Now those systems' users can use their transponders here. The allows all agencies to review live data to ensure correct charges to their customers. The advertised effective date for most toll agencies in Florida to be is Thursday, Oct. 21. Sunpass is the transponder for Florida's Turnpike System; Epass is for Orlando-Orange County Expressway Users; and Opass is for the toll roads in Osceola County. Sunpass, Epass and Opass customers also will be eligible for Lee County's variable pricing program, or half price tolls during the following hours: Monday thru Friday: 6:30-7am 9-11am 2-4pm 6:30-7pm Although most people in Lee County have Leeway programs, there are some who have Sunpass. This will alert them to the fact that their Sunpass transponder will now work in our toll lanes. Leeway customers who wish to have their toll electronically deducted from their account when using other Florida toll roads should know the following: 1) They must have a prepaid account with a positive balance. 2) They must go to the Leeway service center and have their transponder automatically reprogrammed (if they haven't already done so). Customers should drive through the Leeway test lane at Leeway located at 1366 Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers. The test lane (self service) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instructions are posted and the reprogramming only takes 15 seconds to complete. Leeway customers should contact the service center if they are unsure about reprogramming.