CONTACT: Susan Hopwood Service Center Manager 239-533-9297

LEEWAY® NOW COMPATIBILE WITH SUNPASS AND E-PASS Customers Must Automatically Reprogram Transponders Purchased Before January 2004 at Service Center Fort Myers, FL (June 1, 2004) - LeeWay® ( today announced that LeeWay is now compatible with SunPass ( and E-Pass ( This means LeeWay customers can use their LeeWay transponders on SunPass and E-Pass toll roads throughout Florida. LeeWay is Lee County, Florida's electronic toll collection system. Any LeeWay customer with a positive balance in a Prepaid Toll Account and a reprogrammed transponder will be eligible to use specially designated SunPass and E-Pass lanes. This includes vehicles with three or more axles. LeeWay Discount Program participants need a Prepaid Toll Account to utilize SunPass and E-Pass lanes so tolls can be deducted electronically. The Service Center staff recommends increasing the replenishment amount and/or low balance threshold for customers who do not have automatic replenishment. Individual transponders purchased before January 2004 must be automatically reprogrammed. To accomplish this, customers should drive through the LeeWay Test Lane at the LeeWay Service Center located at 1366 Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers. The self-service test lane is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When entering the LeeWay Test Lane, drivers should stop on the first white line, pull forward to the second white line, and stop again. Wait for the green light to appear on the traffic light. If the green light does not appear after 15 seconds, the transponder has not been reprogrammed. In that case, customers should contact the Service Center during regular business hours at 239-533-9297. Some transponders were reprogrammed before being sold. Customers should contact the Service Center at 239-533-9297 to see if their transponder needs to be reprogrammed. Additional facts include: · If customers do not have available funds in the Prepaid Toll Account, they should be prepared to stop and pay cash at SunPass and E-Pass toll booths. · Two transponders in one car (one SunPass and one LeeWay) will be double charged. It is recommended you have only one transponder. If you take advantage of LeeWay discounts, we suggest you keep your LeeWay transponder. LeeWay discount programs can not be purchased for a SunPass or E-Pass transponder. · Current customers without a Prepaid Toll Account are invited to call the Service Center at 239-533-9297 if they want to establish one. A Prepaid Toll Account is necessary to have your toll deducted electronically. · Lee County drivers who do not currently use LeeWay can call the Service Center or visit to enroll. Using LeeWay enables drivers to take advantage of discounts on the Lee County toll bridges as well as a reduced rate for electronic toll payment throughout the state of Florida. · At this time, SunPass customers are not eligible to purchase a LeeWay discount program. SunPass and E-Pass customers will be eligible for the Variable Pricing discount at the Cape Coral and Midpoint Toll Facilities. · An implementation date for SunPass and E-Pass transponders to be accepted in Lee County toll lanes is targeted for summer 2004. About LeeWay LeeWay is Lee County's electronic toll collection system. Tolls are collected on the Sanibel Island Causeway and Midpoint and Cape Coral Bridges. The system operates using an electronic transponder, installed on the windshield of the user's vehicle. As the driver passes through a toll plaza, an overhead antenna reads the transponder, calculates the toll due, and automatically deducts the correct toll amount from a Prepaid Toll Account. LeeWay transponders can be purchased at the Service Center for $26.50 including tax. Prepaid Toll Accounts are required, and a minimum deposit of $30 can be paid by credit card or check. Balances can be replenished automatically with a credit card or by mailing or delivering payment via credit card, check or money order to the Service Center. For more information or to enroll in LeeWay, visit or call the LeeWay Service Center at 239-533-9297.