LeeWay Customers Save Over $1,000,000!

FORT MYERS, FL, February 6, 2001 --The LeeWay Variable Pricing Prize Patrol is coming to town! They’re looking for you! On Friday, February 9th LeeWay customers will celebrate saving over $1 Million using Variable Pricing on the Midpoint Memorial and Cape Coral Bridges. The Prize Patrol and Lee County Commissioners will be at the Cape Coral Bridge on Friday morning around 10:30 AM to randomly select several winners. The winners will be presented with gift certificates donated by Ariani’s Northern Italian Grill Restaurant in Cape Coral, Black Swan Black Hawk Restaurant on College Parkway, and Vintage Limousine Company. Prizes will also be given on the Midpoint Memorial Bridge later that morning. Variable Pricing is working! Since its’ inception, drivers have made a shift in when they choose to travel, moving from the peak traffic periods to the discount periods. This has saved LeeWay customers over $1,000,000 by rewarding them for driving in the off-peak period. The pilot program has been so successful that the Federal Highway Administration is using the LeeWay Variable Pricing Project as a demonstration in a national public outreach campaign. This campaign is intended to educate other metropolitan areas looking for innovative ways to reduce congestion in peak hours. You too can save money by participating in the Variable Pricing Program. Start saving today! Call the LeeWay Service Center at 533-9297.