LeeWay Drives Town Hall Meetings

FORT MYERS , FL, September 19, 1997--If you are interested in learning more about LeeWay the new electronic toll collection system, Lee County Officials are preparing to hold three town hall meetings to discuss LeeWay and the Variable Pricing program. All three meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are planned for locations around the county. A meeting in south Lee County will be held on September 22, 1997 in the fellowship hall of the Westminster Presbyterian Church at 16531 Bass Road. The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre will hold the second town hall meeting scheduled for September 29th and a Cape Coral meeting is planned September 30th in the Cape Coral City Chambers. Commissioner John Albion will discuss the County's success in obtaining the 20 million dollar Variable Pricing Grant and Lee County Department of Transportation staff will discuss the transition to LeeWay and electronic toll collection. Lee County will phase out the bridge stickers this fall and will implement the LeeWay electronic toll collection system in November of this year. LeeWay operates using an electronic transponder installed on the windshield inside the vehicle. As the vehicle passes through the toll plaza an overhead antenna reads the transponder and automatically deducts the correct toll amount from the prepaid toll account. The LeeWay system will offer many benefits not available with the sticker program. LeeWay is simple, quick and convenient. When used as designed LeeWay draws upon a prepaid toll account, there is no more fumbling for change and time spent at the toll plaza will be reduced. LeeWay's record keeping is another benefit. Business travelers will no longer need to stop at each bridge crossing to receive a receipt. LeeWay will provide customers with two billing statements free of charge each year. The Town Hall meetings are planned to provide a public forum for the distribution of information and the allow for the give and take of the public's questions.