LARC To prepare LeeWay Transponder Kits For Mailing

CAPE CORAL, FL, October 24, 1997 -- LARC, Lee County's Association of Retarded Citizens is scheduled to begin preparing transponder kits for mailing to LeeWay patrons. LARC will stuff 40,000 bubble envelopes with the LeeWay users manuals, license agreements, and welcome letters. LARC will help to expedite the process so that LeeWay can begin mailing transponders at the projected rate of 5,000 per week beginning the week of October 27, 1997. The first transponder shipment has arrived in Lee County containing approximately 4,000 transponders. The following shipments will be in increasing quantities, with the final total of transponders shipped to Lee County to be 80,000. LeeWay plans to mail out 5,000 per week and hopes to have all transponders in the hands of the those patrons who have mailed in applications by the end of December, 1997. The LeeWay system will begin operation at the toll plazas on October 8th. This means the transponders will begin operating and electronically deducting from the prepaid accounts on October 8th for those people who have received their transponder. The stickers will continue to work for those who have not yet received their transponder.