Transponder Distribution Begins

FORT MYERS, FL, October 28,1997 -- LeeWay has begun mailing transponders at the projected rate of 5,000 per week beginning this week. The first transponder shipment has arrived in Lee County containing approximately 4,500 transponders. The following shipments will be increasing in quantity, with the final count of transponders shipped to Lee County totaling 80,000. The LeeWay staff hope to have all transponders distributed by the end of December, 1997, to those patrons who have mailed applications to the LeeWay Service Center prior to October 31, 1997. The stickers will continue to work until transponders have been distributed to all patrons who have submitted their applications prior to October 31, 1997. Patrons who have mailed applications to the Service Center should not go to the Service Center to pick-up their transponders. The applications received by mail are in process, and are not accessible for walk-in pick-up of the transponders. All applications received by mail will be distributed by mail. LeeWay staff expect it may take up to nine weeks to complete the distribution process for the anticipated 40,000 applications. LARC, Lee County's Association of Retarded Citizens, has been preparing transponder kits for mailing to LeeWay patrons. LARC is currently stuffing 40,000 bubble envelopes with the LeeWay user's manuals and welcome letters. LARC is helping to expedite the process so that the LeeWay Service Center can mail transponders as quickly as possible.