Toll Renewal Deadline Just Deadline for Application Mailing

FORT MYERS, FL, October 31, 1997 -- The October 31st deadline published for the LeeWay program renewal applies only to the post mark date for the application mailing. The stickers will not expire on October 31st. The stickers will be turned off at some point in time when all transponders have been mailed to those people who have postmarked their applications prior to or on October 31, 1997. There is no need for concern if patrons have not received their transponders yet. The transition will take some time, this is the reason Lee County has extended the life of the stickers indefinitely. Patrons who mail their application after October 31st may experience an interruption of their discount program. Patrons who have mailed applications to the Service Center should not go to the Service Center to pick-up their transponders. The applications received by mail are in process, and are not accessible for walk-in pick-up of the transponders. All applications received by mail will be distributed by mail. LeeWay staff expect it may take up to nine weeks to complete the distribution process for the anticipated 40,000 applications.