LeeWay Now Electronically Smarter

FORT MYERS , FL, April 3, 1998 -- New information now available in the toll lanes will help reduce delays in the lanes due to various tag (transponder) issues. Now all the information is displayed on the patron toll display in the lane. The toll attendants can tell the patron what discount program they have associated with the tag, whether there is a prepaid account with funds available, and the correct toll due for that trip. The upgrade is part of the electronic toll collection software configuration and ongoing preparation for Variable Pricing. Variable Pricing is a Federally funded transportation study of ways to effectively reduce traffic demand for a given roadway during peak periods through financial incentives to use that roadway during non peak traffic periods. Because of the nature of the study and the unique characteristics of Lee County with the traffic influx during tourist season, the local project team in agreement with the Federal Highway Administration decided to extend the pre Variable Pricing data collection efforts, which were scheduled to conclude in March, through May. The planners believe the traffic data and motorist opinions to be collected during May will provide valuable additional information for the analysis of future data.