Contact: Betsy Clayton, A. P. R., Communications Director
Lee County Government
(239) 826-4606


Older LeeWay transponders are scheduled to be turned off Nov. 1


FORT MYERS, FL (Oct 1, 2014) – Older bumper mount and replaceable battery transponders need to be upgraded soon in order to maintain future compatibility with the statewide SunPass system and allow for possible expansion to other states.

Lee County has been working with the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (operator of the SunPass System) toward future opportunities to use LeeWay transponders outside of Florida. Technological updates are necessary to keep pace with statewide long-term plans to become interoperable with additional states and improve electronic toll collection. 

On Nov. 1, the older transponders will no longer work on the LeeWay system or within the state. LeeWay customers need to visit the service center at 1366 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, to purchase a new transponder. This can be done anytime in October in conjunction with the annual renewal of accounts and any discount programs. 

Two new transponder types are available.  Both use backscatter technology and do not require a battery for operation: