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How does Pay-By-Plate (cashless) work?

There is no stopping in the lanes. If you were going to pay cash, you will proceed through any open lane, an image will be captured of your plate, and a notice will be mailed to the address from your driver’s license.

How much will the notice be?

The notice will be for the toll amount only. No admin fees will be assessed during the cashless collection time period.

How long do I have to wait to make payment after I cross?

A notice is generated approximately 10 days after the crossing occurs.

Will it cost me extra to pay a cashless toll notice?

No. There is not a cost associated with paying with your credit card either online or over the phone.

Can I pay cash at the LeeWay Service Center?

Yes. You can pay with cash by placing an exact cash payment in an envelope and depositing it in the secure payment drop box located at the LeeWay Service Center (1366 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33907). LeeWay does have envelopes available for use at this same location. Please indicate on the envelope the license plate number the payment is for.

I don’t have a transponder, can I use the transponder lanes during this time or should I continue to use the booth lanes?

Yes. During the cashless toll collection time period, you may utilize any open lane in the toll plaza.

I have a rental vehicle and did not pay extra for the toll option. Will my rental company charge me a fee?

Please contact your rental agent.

I have a motorcycle but my notice shows $2.00 for each crossing.

You should contact LeeWay by phone to make payment. The amount due will be adjusted to reflect $1.00 per motorcycle crossing.

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