LEEWAY® — Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a LeeWay Pass

LeeWay is Lee County’s electronic toll collection system which can be used on all Florida toll roads, express lanes, and most bridges.

LeeWay operates using a transponder installed on the windshield inside your vehicle. As you pass through the toll plaza, an overhead antenna reads the transponder and automatically deducts the correct toll amount from your LeeWay prepaid toll account.

LeeWay transponder customers are eligible to:

  • purchase optional discount programs
  • receive in lane discounts during Variable Pricing Discount hours at the Midpoint and Cape Coral Plazas
  • pay lower electronic toll collection rates throughout the state of Florida
  • access LeeWay account online 24/7 to make changes, payments or print itemized monthly statements

Contact LeeWay by calling 239-533-9297 to open your LeeWay account over the phone. You’ll need your license plate, vehicle description and credit card number. You can also print and mail a PDF application.

Discount Program (option see Tolls and Discounts)
$10 Sticker Transponder or Hard Case Transponder ($22)
$30 Prepaid Account (for toll crossings)
$40 To Start Today

Please make your check or money order out to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (Lee County BOCC).

Business accounts are welcome using the same terms and conditions as a private account. Transponders can be purchased for all vehicle types; however, discount programs are only available for two axle vehicles. Multiple vehicle discounts (half-price) are not available for business accounts.

Using Your Transponder

LeeWay transponders are accepted on every toll road and bridge in the state. This includes the facilities run by:

  • Turnpike system roads (SunPass)
  • Central Florida Expressway Authority (E–Pass)
  • Miami Dade Expressway Authority (SunPass)
  • Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (SunPass)
  • North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway (Quick Pass)
  • Georgia State Road & Tollway Authority (PeachPass)

Note: Customers should use facility signs to locate express lanes.

  • Green—account has sufficient funds
  • Yellow—acount has low balance and needs replenishing
  • Red—account has no balance

Note: Traffic lights are not in all lanes.

LeeWay transponders may be used on any multi—axle vehicle. Motorcycles require hard case transponders. Mounting instructions will be provided when you receive your transponder. See our Transponder page for more information.

Maintaining Your LeeWay Account

24/7 Online Account Access: Customers can login to their LeeWay account anytime to make updates, check prepaid balances and monitor usage. If you have not set up your online access, you can contact the LeeWay Service Center and we will email you a temporary password with instructions.

Phone: Customers can call the LeeWay office at 239-533-9297 to make several types of updates.

The hours of operation are:

LeeWay Service Center Hours
Mon: 8:00am—6:00pm
Tues—Fri: 8:30am—5:30pm

Mail: Customers can mail correspondence for account changes and payments to: 1366 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907.

24-Hour Drop Box: After hours, customers can place correspondence or payments in the secure drop box to the right of the front door.

Email: Customers can email correspondence to LeeWay@leegov.com.

A LeeWay Discount Program is an option where you pay upfront money to lower costs for each toll trip. They are beneficial for frequent Lee County Toll bridge users. Discount Programs are available for:

  • One, two or all three bridges
  • Reduced Fare or Unlimited passage
  • Annual or Six months

Additional information is available on the Tolls & Discounts page.

Customers must have a positive prepaid balance for a discount program to be valid.

A LeeWay Prepaid Account is set up to deduct toll trips. All transponders on the same account share the prepaid account balance.

Automatically Replenish with Credit Card: Login to add Auto Replenish to your account or print and mail the PDF form. When your prepaid account balance reaches $10, your credit card will automatically be billed an additional $30.00 (plus $20.00 for each additional transponder). As long as your credit card information remains current, this is a simple and easy way to replenish your prepaid account.

Online Access: Customers can login to their LeeWay account and add funds using a credit card.

24 Hour Drop Box: Customers can visit the LeeWay Service Center and place check or money orders payments in the drop box to the right of the front door.

Phone: Customers can call the LeeWay office at 239-533-9297 to make one-time credit card payments over the phone. The hours of operation are:

Mon: 8:00am—6:00pm
Tues—Fri: 8:30am—5:30pm

Mail: Customers can mail check or money orders to: 1366 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907.

With Continuous Renewal, LeeWay automatically renews your discount program(s) every renewal period by charging your credit card during the months of May and/or October. By choosing this option and providing a valid credit card number, you will not have to complete any future renewal forms.

To sign up, login and add the Continuous Renewal option or print and mail the PDF form. To stop Continuous renewal, either login or print and mail the PDF form

With Automatic Replenishment, LeeWay automatically replenishes your prepaid account by charging your credit card when it reaches a low balance.

With Continuous Renewal, LeeWay automatically renews your current discount program(s) every renewal period by charging your credit card.

With a valid email address, LeeWay will send an email notification when your prepaid account has reached:

  • a low balance threshold
  • has insufficient funds

*Notices are not sent to customers who utilize Auto Replenishment unless the card on file is not able to replenish the account

All customers are required to have a prepaid account. Discount programs are not valid without a positive prepaid balance. These funds can be used for payment of tolls:

  • on other bridges where you do not have a discount program
  • for payment when pulling extra axles (ie: boat trailer)
  • at toll facilities throughout the state of Florida and other states where Leeway is accepted

Once the transponder in your car is read, the toll will immediately be deducted from your prepaid account. That transaction will be posted that same day for trips over the Cape Coral, Midpoint and Sanibel Bridges. Toll transactions outside Lee County may be delayed 24 to 36 hours.

To close your toll account, print and mail the PDF form. You can also contact the LeeWay Service Center via mail, fax, or email. If sending your request by mail, please enclose a letter or other signed statement that you wish to close your account. We will refund any unused balance from your prepaid account within approximately 2—4 weeks. Please note there is a $45.00 administrative fee for closing your account within 60 days of origination.

No, you cannot receive a refund for the toll discount program. You can close your account and receive a refund of the remaining balance in your prepaid account.

Customers can login to view or print statements as needed at no charge. You can also print and mail the statement request form. Should you desire a monthly itemized statement to be mailed, the following will be deducted from your prepaid account:

  • 1–3 transponders per account—$1.50
  • 4 transponders per account—$2.00
  • 5 transponders per account—$2.50
  • 6–195 transponders per account—$2.50 plus $0.25 per each additional transponder
  • 196 or more transponders will be charged the maximum statement fee of $50.00

Login to change your address or print and mail a PDF form. You can also call the LeeWay Service Center to change your address or obtain information on how to close your account.

Login to change your vehicle information or print and mail a PDF form. You can also call the LeeWay Service Center to provide updated vehicle information. Be sure to remove your transponder from the sold car. If you have a Mini Sticker transponder, you will be required to purchase a new transponder.

Rental Cars

Yes, you can purchase a transponder. There will be a $45.00 administrative fee for any LeeWay account that is closed within 60 days or less of the opening date.

It is very important you call and remove the rental car information from your LeeWay account when turning the rental car in.

Yes, LeeWay can issue you a temporary transponder for your rental. You will need your repair shop work order and rental car information.

SunPass and Other Toll Agencies

SunPass is the state of Florida’s option for electronic toll collection. LeeWay is Lee County’s option for electronic toll collection and offers a local service center. You can only purchase a frequent user discount program with a LeeWay transponder. Both transponders work throughout the state of Florida.

For frequent travelers on SunPass and E–Pass roads, LeeWay customers may be eligible for rebates or in lane discounts. Refer to SunPass and E-Pass web sites.

If customers do not have available funds in their prepaid account, please be prepared to stop and pay cash at the toll booths. Do not use the SunPass or E-Pass Express lanes. It could result in a violation and possible citation.

If a customer has two transponders in one car (example: one SunPass and one LeeWay) it will result in the customer being double charged. It is recommended you only have one transponder. If you take advantage of LeeWay discounts, we suggest you keep your LeeWay transponder.

Customers with SunPass transponders are not eligible to purchase a LeeWay discount program. Only LeeWay account holders with LeeWay transponder can purchase discount programs. However, SunPass and E-Pass customers are eligible for the Variable Pricing discount at the Cape Coral and Midpoint Toll Facilities.

Cashless Tolls

There is no stopping in the lanes. If you were going to pay cash, you will proceed through any open lane, an image will be captured of your plate, and a notice will be mailed to the address from your driver’s license.

The notice will be for the toll amount only. No admin fees will be assessed during the cashless collection time period.

A notice is generated approximately 10 days after the crossing occurs.

No. There is not a cost associated with paying with your credit card either online or over the phone.

Yes. You can pay with cash by placing an exact cash payment in an envelope and depositing it in the secure payment drop box located at the LeeWay Service Center (1366 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33907). LeeWay does have envelopes available for use at this same location. Please indicate on the envelope the license plate number the payment is for.

Yes. During the cashless toll collection time period, you may utilize any open lane in the toll plaza.

Please contact your rental agent.

You should contact LeeWay by phone to make payment. The amount due will be adjusted to reflect $1.00 per motorcycle crossing.


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